J.K. Adams 20-Inch-by-14-Inch Maple Wood Double-Sided Pour Spout Carving Board

July 1, 2017 - Comment

J.K. Adams: A 2nd-Generation, Family-Owned Company Kitchen storage solutions by J.K. Adams make it easy to save on valuable kitchen space while enjoying the best of USA-made craftsmanship. The family-owned company provides everything from pot hooks and spice bottles to wooden spice carousels, kitchen-knife blocks, bread boxes, wine racks, pot racks, and more. J.K. Adams’

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J.K. Adams: A 2nd-Generation, Family-Owned Company

Kitchen storage solutions by J.K. Adams make it easy to save on valuable kitchen space while enjoying the best of USA-made craftsmanship. The family-owned company provides everything from pot hooks and spice bottles to wooden spice carousels, kitchen-knife blocks, bread boxes, wine racks, pot racks, and more. J.K. Adams’ wooden kitchen items feature renewable and sustainable wood in Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Ash, or Hickory varieties. A thoughtful choice for gift giving, the high-quality kitchen items provide sleek designs and convenient functionality for year after year of everyday convenience.

Innovative Kitchen-Storage Solutions

In the late-1970’s, when the gourmet-chef-tools market in the U.S. was still in its infancy, J.K. Adams owner Malcolm Cooper, Sr. conceived of the first slanted knife block. His goal was to create a cutlery organizer that would hold knives at a low enough angle that they could be easily removed from the block when it was pushed back under a cabinet overhang. The J.K. Adams Kangaroo knife block was launched in 1980–the first-ever slanted knife block, and still the best.

Recognizing the many opportunities to improve kitchen storage, J.K. Adams introduced the revolving “carousel” spice rack in 1982 followed by countless other well-designed storage products in the years since, including the popular in-drawer knife tray in 1994, a space-saving alternative to the knife block that offers the same safety and blade protection.

In 2011, J.K. Adams takes cutlery storage to a new level once again with the new Universal knife block. For over 30 years, J.K. Adams has continued to lead and inspire the kitchen storage market with their innovative designs, superior hardwoods, and exemplary craftsmanship.

Today, J.K. Adams continues to provide innovative designs, superior hardwoods, and high-quality craftsmanship.

J.K. Adams: Over 65 Years of New England Yankee Craftsmanship

Some of the world’s finest woodworkers can be found in New England. The rich heritage and folklore of the great Yankee Woodworker is as well known today as it was hundreds of years ago, and the craft has been handed down through the generations. J.K. Adams’ success is certainly attributable to the early Vermonters employed by the company while in its infancy who brought forth the techniques and quality craftsmanship that could only come from generations of shared knowledge and experience.

The J.K. Adams factory has been at the same location since the beginning. As many as three generations of families have relied on J.K. Adams to provide for their families. Located in a rural area of Vermont, J.K. Adams remains one of the largest employers in the area and is an important pillar of support for the local community.

J.K. Adams has always used the creativity and skill of their workforce in developing new products, and today J.K. Adams continues its New England craftsmanship with a wide variety of cutting boards, as well as wooden salad bowls, kitchen islands, and slate serving trays. And at the J.K. Adams factory, you’ll find future generations of woodworkers building upon the traditions begun over 65 years ago.

Cutting boards and other products by J.K Adams are made in the North America.

About J.K. Adams’ Logo

In colonial New England, three strokes of a broad ax were used to mark the finest trees in the forest for the Queens’ Navy shipmasts. The broad arrow was adopted as our logo because it symbolizes the exceptional quality of wood that goes into our products.

J.K. Adams’ Company History

Started over 65 years ago in a small garage in Dorset, Vermont Cooper family purchased business from founder Josiah K. Adams in 1949 Began with the Speedy Racer toy, and then followed by manufacturing drafting and surveying tables, Kiwi shoe groomers, gifts, and furniture Now the leading supplier of wooden storage and food preparation products for the specialty housewares industry

Our Wood

Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Ash, and Hickory Either from New England or other North American sources Renewable and sustainable Hard and durable, yet forgiving to knife edges

Wood Grains

End Grain Prized for look and longest wear Identifiable by small pieces put together Board usually thick and heavy Many pieces, lots of glue joints, cracking can be a problem Edge Grain Most common in cutting boards Moderate grain pattern Stable with minimum glue joints

Why Choose a Wood Cutting Board?

Wood is naturally anti-bacterial, and any bacteria left on the board will actually lessen in time versus multiplying on a plastic cutting board. A wooden board will also be more gentle on your knife’s edge, and it just feels and sounds better under a knife.

Caring for Your J.K. Adams Cutting Board

Wash by hand in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly, and oil frequently with mineral oil to help give it an optimal appearance. Do not soak, microwave, freeze, or put in the dishwasher. For removing stains, you can use a weak bleach-and-water solution or a combination of lemon juice and salt. Be sure to rinse and wipe with mineral oil afterward. Additionally, the surface can be sanded to make the board look like new–although a board with wear will add character to your kitchen. For storage, keep the board away from strong sunlight as avoiding UV rays will reduce the risk of fading.

Environmental Responsibilities

We only purchase lumber from a select few suppliers who we are confident practice sustainable forestry practices Vermont forests are growing faster than they are being harvested J.K. Adams has been awarded the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

Product Features

  • 20-Inch-by-14-Inch-by-1-Inch carving board
  • Solid maple wood; double-sided pour spout; flat surface on back side
  • Handcrafted and finished in Vermont, U.S.A.
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry promptly
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

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C.C. says:

Beautiful Board ~ Needs a Final Finish Beautiful board – good price. Very thoughtful design ~ form that definitely follows function. The ‘nest’ on the one side to steady a roast or a chicken is perfect in its simplicity. I never liked the idea of those spikes some boards have to hold the meat, letting out all the good juices instead of keeping them inside for flavor and moisture until slicing. This size will be perfect for all my cutting board needs that require a channel to collect juices. My only complaint with this board is that the finish was too rough. I feel it should have been finished with a finer grade of sandpaper before shipping out to the customer. I ended up doing that myself with an extra fine sponge sanding block before oiling with Boos Mystery Oil and then finishing with Boos Board Cream, as I do with my other boards.

Some Guy says:

Not meant to last … Wow, just wow. I’ve had this cutting board for almost two years and loved it. Being a big meat cooker, this cutting board was the best. The best part was the channel which collects juice when carve prime rib or tri-tip. Everything was great until I noticed a huge crack this morning that went through the channel to the main middle portion rendering the channel useless. The middle glue seems has come loose and it splitting right down the center. After closer inspection, there are three additional points that are beginning to split.I’ve taken care of this gem since purchase. Nicely oiled from time to time and always hand washed. Having a product like this fail in such a short time is more than disappointing. My recommendation, try another product that is built to last. This cutting board is poorly constructed.

Annie C says:

Perfect board but…Wood split!! This board was exactly what my son wanted, and then…after only a few uses, the board split!! He had used the special oil which Ihad also bought, to keep it in good shape but the meat juices were leaking through. He called the company, and they did replacethe board…but it has begun to split again…design flaw?????

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